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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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oh and thanks for joining the weekly here on r t with me karen tara bloody medical attendant returns to the kremlin was russia's president starting his third term in office his inauguration however was preceded by man's protests that didn't end clashes with the authorities blaming deliberate provocations for the violence. major hardass terrorist group says it carried out dual suicide bombings in syria's capital which killed fifty five people and injured around four hundred others the blasts targeting government buildings became the deadliest the country has seen
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since the anti regime uprising began more than a year ago. and the search is on for the reasons why a super poised supergiant powered into a volcano killing all forty five people on board russian tanks to reach indonesia in the hunt for the black boxes. also there is growing austerity desperation in the e.u. with mass protests in spain and clashes in italy that's as greece struggles to form a government while its creditors lay plans in case it quits the euro next up as promised russian businessman victor boot talks exclusively to r.t. about what he believes is really behind the twenty five year jail term he's now serving in the u.s. . your boot a russian air cargo business man dubbed the merchant of death in the u.s. sentenced to twenty five years behind bars for allegedly arms trafficking in april
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years and tens of millions of dollars pumped into hunting him down u.s. agents posing as fark members how to arrested in a sting operation in thailand in two thousand and eight found not guilty by thai courts twice he was still extradited to the u.s. russia called the move illegal picture but now speaks to our t. exclusively from jail. victor thank you very much for calling in today i want to start by asking you you were sentenced to a quarter of a century behind bars what does that feel like. there's no holding them with you and is it clear your father brother cronk you know you know you security if you figure it out and you understand both of the freedom it's impossible to break you down to bring it to me if you're counting on war and i know i don't committed anything to have that punishment. when i was a very good meat and a crime these crimes would never take these i let it be your government would not
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give brezhnev crime then the result would be the conspiracy revolved label. decision to kill americans which is i'd like a magic bullet or expose the truth of it and kind of how it will hurt or you know belly or to the moment do you hold an overreach. where you know your mom accepted. that there were no thanks. that will help i understand the reality and i understand time i'm trying to bring a message to my friends my family russian people that want to happen to me it's a pure political case you are in the process of appeal and you've also asked the russian state duma to file a complaint against the united states. in thailand why hoping for legally as politically all well legally i'm maybe not the best person tosser use the lors
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would know better and i'm not trained to especially an american president lol i'm allowed to tell you what my perspective on whatever is the law and i'll be going to do but i have all the most known hope because the way the system works once you label to once you put to the so-called. jury's decision so no judge or even supreme court with a council that because like this is the truth in the. hoopers state nobody can ever order a rule reconsider the decision or knows of a certain point and it's accepted that the jurist cannot fail now we know that you are about to be transferred to a prison in colorado and considering your lawyer and your families here in new york city will this affect you a lot this move this transfer but that's another despite a judge's decision on the recommendation to keep me somewhere nearby because i've never been in that it stays i don't have no i and
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a family here except my wife visiting me. and told my lawyer based in new york they're trying to go with me so it's lost to a little to most of the countess you know little jail which isn't about them hidden on the ground so i never could see daylight again as a punishment but as a better chance to create a smile at the girls to prepare the proper appeal as a kind of a river bank for all that you know we brought the issue of the they keep me and shoot for more than i want to home for years without solid reason i know i'm broke prism planning you know the tricks that can play with me that you're after you learned your sentence in court on april fifth you turned to the d.n.a. agents who were inside the courtroom when you said god knows the truth. you know the truth what is your message to u.s. officials today and maybe even the u.s. president well i have a message for you is president if you will keep using these thugs who have
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a name of good drug enforcement agents and they would be an event the crimes this world not only not help america to really solve the problem with a drug for sale anywhere but it's that of going to the a real problem and solve the real problem they just inventing the crime because a little crude there is no danger for him go to somebody who would not hide provoke do the kind of the dirty tricks and the in frames of people instead of going out to solve the real problem with the real drug cartels and then it's also hypocrisy of this administration if they you know sentence me to twenty five years daredevil status and they don't want to go and then sent those old guys. dealers in america who are selling the arms and these are my ending up in mexico and by these arms the killing the same american citizen in mexico it's been reported that you knew you were dealing with undercover agents or at least not by members all along in the in
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the days in the time leading up to your rep and that's the case. i don't think we could really now talk about the you know these details i'm not remember that they. stated that i was dealing with undercover agents we stated that i was not sure who was a i and for me they believe they've been very strange people they posing like you know these but they way they pose the way they talk i understand immediately they have nothing to do with. fog people i told you were dubbed the merchant of death the lord of war do you think these nicknames ended up affecting your case more than they should have of course this is entire story is about first you crazy me and then you bring people from all over the saw the movies although to read through all this article reach and. the single article brought any single fact about my rock star look with all their money doing for all over the world and they brought two pilots who confronted yes my for my company was engaging to transportation but it
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was legitimate conflict with the legitimate government of rwanda and we've been flying them you know accordingly they the call director over there or our offer amounted to is done properly but out of all the businessmen that they could have gone after why do you think they went after you. listen for them doesn't matter whom they're going to pick up because whenever they go spoon feed to the mainstream media spoon feeding the american population all creating them if they don't care when they pick up we know that you've seen the movie about you with nicolas cage what do you what do you think about his performance i feel sorry for him that this is a very. middle middle career move he has a very bad to no screen and i don't think it's a even interesting to watch it all it's a fair representation of the problem which is because an african nation if you knew you would be serving a twenty five year sentence behind bars do you think you would have done anything
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differently no i don't regret nothing in my life and i can see and face anything i did because i didn't did anything wrong in my life if you were actually a free man right now do you know what you would be doing what would you want to be doing would you change your life around start something new well of course because look around four years. of a lot behind the bar by uncle sam tyler i'm ruined completely i don't have any money left at all they. not only close my companies they put to this executive order which is without any due process without even chance to calm and explain as they said they freeze six billion dollars and i'm asking a challenging president of united states show all the proof with i had ever six billion dollars at least i know where to get money to pay my defense team for that bukhari this is all you know story is the same and nothing showed all the smoke and mirrors like they did with the weapon of mass destruction of iraq. then even today
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have bill said if you repeat the lies thousands and thousand times it's become a true as this is exactly the recipient which these that read ministration using some of the people who've been following your case critics have been saying that the case is very much anti russia do you think that that's really the case or is it just you worse is the us government of course there isn't a russian look or whatever well what was happening in a thailand during the extradition procedure when the criminal court in bangkok denied extrusion they put tremendous pressure for the. government of thailand and they actually brought me out not extradited and we still have a pending legal procedures and time of the court because we submitted appeal there and it was not finished feel a because of personal involvement big pressure numerous calls so by ambassador american ambassador going on most daily and pushing the government the government
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decided to pass me over the americans side like you said your papers do remain in thailand do you think they'll remain on the shelf forever or could there still be some sort of this is another building a little egypt people are really moving if there really is or any political will of die government to prove that they have a stable justice not mockery and then not a colony of the united states they had to do it there's been several cases throughout the last several years where the f.b.i. ended up putting itself on the back for. manufacturing some cases and bringing foreigners to u.s. soil do you think this is something that we're going to see more of in the future go through this and i was closely monitoring every two weeks you have a manufactured crime and manufactured by but the idea it's regular you know just what's there somebody's car caught for the trying and all conspiring to send airplane model loaded with explosives to the pentagon another one you know called.
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with an agent begging them please go and explode in a gold for the eighty seven the time they are looking for the people in the desperate stage of the need money and this is agents instead of really walking through through security counters they just plain old manufacturing the crime and try to go you know we're preventing the crime it's old cairo or the war of terror you cannot provide against the peril because carol it's not the state that is not the person now you are serving twenty five years right now but you have said previously that you think he will be released before that and will be able to return to russia where a lot sooner how and why how do you think that would happen because look this is a case of purely political and i think the public opinion in russia understand that and know the truth because by the american procedure of the market actually showing them the real condition of american jobs because their and real condition to reach
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americans they becoming a police state nothing short of dictatorship victor boot thank you very much for your time with us today and i want to thank the pentagon to there are the stuff.
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these stories from the week on our t.v. glad to get a bullet in returns to the kremlin russia's president starting his third term in office has an all girl was preceded by mounds of protests that are to be clashes with the authorities blaming deliberate provocation for the violence. edgy hottest terrorist group says it carried out google suicide bombings and serious council which killed fifty five people and injured around four hundred others the blasts targeting government buildings and became the deadliest the country has seen since the anti regime uprising began more than a year ago. the search is on for the reasons why a sukhoi superjet plowed into
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a volcano killing all forty five on board the russian troops reach indonesia in the hunt for the black boxes. and there is growing austerity desperation in the e.u. with the mass protests in spain and clashes and only that says greece troubles to form a government and all its creditors to lay plans and a case that includes the hero. up next it's the latest sports with anger. thanks for watching the sport on what is a busy day for football coming up frantic finish it is the last day of the russian premier league season with four teams still chasing the runners up spot and champions league football while managed to city look to claim their league title in forty four years as the season in england reaches its climax. and this girl star
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undertaker lengthier is named euro league m.v.p. ahead of the side showcase final against in p.r. costs. but first it has gone down to the wire and the russian primarily on the final day of the season four teams are still fighting over the second and last champions league spot to scar spartak dinar and angie all with a chance the army men are best placed a point clear of the rest of the pack and would finish runners up with a win who will be spot on moscow or third and will be without band top scorer emmanuel emin ek in their match or lock a motif denominator a point behind sparta and travel to the band well and she also has an outside chance of claiming second spot he's having to man welcome champions it's a neat so with one game to play here is the top of the table is the need unassailable at the summit but it's really the past behind them where to scar sparked an arm and angie all assured a european football next season the only issue being whether the champions league
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would do you're a police. why there is a fight for survival at the bottom rail stop go to already relegated tom looking to escape the playoffs need to win and also rely on terry beating chris to get off elsewhere and to take in boulder who will go into the playoffs a rock bottom spot right now jake take on crabs in the dark tom analogy and ready relegated but soon more sides will enter those playoffs and face the third and fourth place finishes finishes. from the second tale. but it's also a frantic and the season in the english premier league title european places and third relegation sport will be decided on the final day of their manchester city lead at manchester united on goal difference a victory over q.p.r. would give city the title the first time in forty four years while four from the bottom rangers must rule to stay up and you know i could realistically must win a sunderland and city slip partners elsewhere pass the word finish there if they
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win at west brom aiming for a top four spot against poland and so our new castle at everton chelsea host relegated blackburn liverpool go to swans exultant must win it started to have any chance of staying up knowledge base aston villa. ready say take all due. to the table where city leeds united by an eight goal difference just two points separate are still top of the new castle third place will guarantee champions league football for sports could also do the same thing but it won't get chelsea win the champions league final in munich next week and the baltimore orioles and blackburn are already down bolton occupy the last relegation spot at the moment two points and nine goals adrift and need a win it's. fate is in their own hands but they are at these manchester city well in germany dortmund are celebrating their first domestic double they beat by munich five two to add the german cup to their league title no one doubts getting
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a hat trick but was plenty of action before he got his first she. put dortmund ahead early on. only for a level from the sport. dortmund then had a penalty of their own which homo slots home. the show then began he added another to make it three one before the interval. and the second came just after the break after being fed by good spirits. and even though frank reburied did manage. brilliantly to make you fall to. any comeback this is his third to make it five to a fabulous end to dortmund season well behind us themselves headed next week. final against chelsea i am basketball to go forward under a kurylenko has been named to really pay head of sunday's final with olympiacos he
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was honored at an awards ceremony stamboul and was also named best defender and a member of the all your league first team along with ts garzon in christie a timely piece for the army men who pairing to face olympiakos on sunday with the build up from turkey. russia says scar and the greeks olympiacos are more familiar with the child or that you might think greek fans know and still adore this serbian point guard still dosage who helped the red whites reach the euro league final in sweyn's its end where he eventually became the tournaments most valuable player one of europe's best coaches you don't ask us who is now plying his trade in moscow was also part of really bad cause and few years back however despite their friendly relationship they had coach will put all the motions as side on sunday i don't think the three of them or use a roller bag was going to a team this is
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a live image and believable would just love it much better compared to the beginning if they've been the means to make and with their number so we have been there we have been tough we have to make decisions for them both mistakes were made on the beginning and played this game the highlights of course history was probably in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven when they claimed their sole your only crown to date and that was under their current coach serbian douche on the eve of h. back then like now did seem fail to impress in the early stages of the tournaments but still managed to defy the odds in the playoffs on the other hand says scott have lifted the europe's top club trophy six times since the competition was a sad list but the muscovites could have added even further to their haul after making it to the last four for eight consecutive seasons from two thousand and three until twenty ten so as you can see says moscow want to sue your titles over
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that period and here they are marked in gold two thousand and six and two thousand and eight sell well so once it's all final is still to combat the management and the fans of course are hoping that the next number it's once it's wealth will turn gold as well ron paul serve artsy reporting from istanbul turkey. meanwhile in the n.b.a. the boston celtics have won the first game with their eastern conference semifinal with philadelphia but only just ninety two ninety one the score was the l.a. lakers have won their first round decider against the denver nuggets in the western conference ninety six eighty seven meaning the lakers win their series four three to book a second round showdown with oklahoma city. it's been drama the spanish grand prix mclaren's lewis hamilton has been stripped of pole position and moved to the back of the grid after breaking regulations in qualifying hamilton had been half a second faster than his nearest rival pastor maldonado in his williams but mclaren then found guilty of breaking by rules after. did not return to the pits under its
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own power instead it stopped on the track during his slowing down lap and as a penalty a mortal now start from the back of the grid maldonado takes pole and ferrari's fernando alonso would join him on the front row. roger federer has moved a step closer to recording to a record equalling twentieth masters title he'll play thomas burdick in the final of the spanish open after thumping and co to sarah bitch in straight sets frederick came into this tournament after a month long rest and it seems to done him good world number three gliding around the court as he took the first set six two showing some lovely touches to you. and the second set was a similar story that n.b.a. great. well in contrast had to fight hard against argentina and martin del potro the czech had lost their last three meetings and del potro had one is the last ten matches on clay but pushed him hard all the way in the first step before taking
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your tie break and it was more of the same in the second coming from seventy six percent for the final with federer. in the women's final between victoria azarenka and through williams as are going to advance through in straight sets and straight forward. after taking the first set six two the second was a bit of a seesaw battle breaks of serve came second far as rank or family home holding her too much points her parents who did save one of those but the pole failed to return a dropshot the hand as a rank sixty six trick. up next to her is more world number one three no williams the american is playing in her first tournament for a month and got the better qualified to freak out a williams edging the first set and then powered through the second to love. chasing the second title of the year after winning a child last month. while i'm with gulf where
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kevin rolled in a birdie putt on the final hole to take a one shot lead at the place championship the american sending home this fifteen foot it to record a bogey free round of sixty eight and that puts him on top of the leaderboard on twelve and overall going into the final day of american match is his nearest rival has shot back and had enjoyed a two shot lead after sinking this in the ten before finding the water later on. rickie fowler was the biggest mover jumping from seventeenth to third with a sixty six he's three shots up the pace and just well out of the sand here. as does england's. piece three under and needs a top four finish to reclaim the number one spot from rory mcilroy. so that's the sport so we got the weather coming up next here an arctic.
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